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It's that time again!

I would certainly like to be username [ profile] ladiesman217 but it was already taken. I think by a promo for the film. Anyway!

Sam Witwicky was your basic loser average high school student, trying to scrape together enough money to buy (half of) his first car, so that he could impress the girl of his dreams, Mikaela. He wound up with a beat-up circa 1974 Camaro...that turned out to be a giant alien robot in disguise, intent on protecting him from another group of alien robots. One of the family heirlooms Sam was trying to sell on eBay contained the secret of the location of the Allspark, which is like robot God.

Sam, with the help of the US Air Force, Angelina Jolie's dad, some plucky hackers, his car and his car's friends, and his new smokin' hot girlfriend, saved the world, destroyed the Allspark so they'd stop fighting over it, and killed Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. Not bad for an average dude, right?

Sam comes to FH from directly after the end of the movie. Out of concern for A) Sam's safety, considering there are still Decepticons running around out there and he did kind of kill their leader and B) Sam's ability to keep his mouth shut about certain national secrets, considering he's kind of a talker and he has the most awesome car in the history of ever, Angelina Jolie's dad (aka the secretary of defense), among others, have decided to send him to a boarding school where he can't do much damage.

Sam will be arriving with his car/fellow student and Mojo, a yappy, painkiller-addicted Chihuhua with a really stupid-looking rhinestone collar.

Did I forget anything? *glances at [ profile] lil_yellow*

Due to family and computer issues, I will not be around after tonight until Sunday afternoon at the earliest. Worst timing ever y/y?
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