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What kind of FH-er would I be if I didn't take this chance to jump on it?

In no particular order...

Skank Zero Hopeless-Savage
*From Hopeless Savages
*19 years old
*Youngest daughter of punk superstars Dirk Hopeless and Nikki Savage
*Sophomore at USC in LA, majoring in film
*Living with [ profile] peter__parker
*Has a pet bird named Fish and a giant teal van named Dave
*Dresses like a crazy person
*Employed as a minion on the set of Supers, the meta Heroes

Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado
*From Power Rangers: SPD
*18 years old
*Abandoned by her parents as a young child in murky circumstances; grew up on the street
*Can make multiples of herself
*SPD officer/Yellow Ranger in Newtech City, California
*Teammates with [ profile] bridge_carson
*Rooms with Pink Ranger/raging Mary Sue Sydney Drew
*Has a crush on fellow officer-what-we-made-up Ghost Chan
*You poke her and emo comes out

Jenny Sparks
*From The Authority
*108 years old; currently looks 16
*Spirit of the Twentieth Century
*Very British
*Has all sorts of electricity powers
*Has saved the world about fiftyleven times
*Blonde, blue-eyed, gorgeous, incredibly bitchy
*Heavy drinker and chain smoker
*Rooms with [ profile] finding_x_dream, who probably thinks fondly of killing her in her sleep
*Member of your student council
*Employed at Pixie Dust; only periodically actually reports for work.

Sam Witwicky
*From Transformers, the 2007 version.
*17 years old
*From California
*His car turned out to be an alien robot in disguise
*Saved the world that one time
*Has an improbably hot girlfriend, whom he misses greatly
*His car left, and he misses him, too
*Talks waaaaaaay too much
*Not above selling family heirlooms on eBay
*Owns an annoying, pain-pill-addicted Chihuahua named Mojo
*Rooms with [ profile] elephantgadget, and is scared of her
*Employed as [ profile] not_ironmaiden's minion.

Jean-Paul Beaubier
*From Alpha Flight and X-Men
*31 years old
*Quebecois and proud of it
*Has superspeed, flight, and light-emitting powers
*About as gay as it is possible for a person to be
*Also about as bitchy as it is possible for a person to be
*Has an unfortunate thing for straight guys
*Has a twin sister with Multiple Personality Disorder

Steve Rogers
* of Marvel comics
*91 years old, looks early to mid thirties
*New Yorker born and raised; son of Irish immigrants
*Like the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet
*Previously taught at FH, returned home; home sucked, now he's back
*Needs somewhere to live

And my new person can be found here!
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