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Sam was playing Spider Solitaire and illegally downloading music when his phone rang. He didn't recognize the number, so he answered with a cautious, "Hello?"

A British man asked, "Is this Samuel Wildicky?"

Not exactly )

((Yes, Sam is leaving Fandom soon. Door and post are open if anyone wants to talk to him.))
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I'm safely ensconced in my internship and my sublet, and therefore back!

Did anyone miss me? It's okay to lie.
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Sam was IMing with Mikaela when another window popped up--from Bumblebee. The message was: Your phone is about to ring.

And it did.

Phone call! )

Sam left a note for Helen asking her to please make sure Mojo didn't die for a few days and headed out to go find the new guy.

((Also establishy!))
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The door to room 501 flew open, and out into the hallway stepped Sam, wearing an impossibly wide grin, a lampshade on his head, a couple of bite marks on his ankles...and nothing else.

"I feel too strong to war with mortals--BRING ME GIANTS!!!"

He careened off down the hallway, shouting a wordless battle cry--right up until he ran into the wall, headfirst, and he keeled over, unconscious, as the lampshade went flying.

Sam was lying unconscious in the middle of the hallway.

((OOC: ONCE UPON A TIME when dinosaurs roamed the earth and we RPed with freakin' asterisks (seriously, I am talking about, like, day FIVE of this game's existence) the first ever gremlin bite occurred, and Sam Anders forever after came to be known as Daisy. This is a loving tribute.

Reactions, both IC and OOC, welcome. And if anybody wants to draw on Sam I will love you forever.))
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Chas Kramer woke up on Saturday morning in a strange place, in a strange bed, with a chihuahua with a rhinestone collar licking his face. This wasn't actually the weirdest thing that had happened to him since he'd met John Constantine, but it was pretty weird, if not in the cool way he kept hoping things would be. He now had a more full and complete understanding of what John meant when he said, "Don't touch anything you find in my fridge," and swore he would never do so again--just as soon as he figured out where he was, what exactly what he'd have sworn was an unopened bottle of beer had done to him, and where he'd left his car.

First step: call John, so he could get the 'yelling at Chas' portion of the festivities over with. The only phone he could find was definitely not his, as it came with a picture of a hot girl sitting on the hood of a sweet car as the wallpaper. Either the owner of the phone had downloaded it off the internet and was in desperate need of a life, or had a way better life than Chas. After a couple of misdials, Chas remembered John's number, but it seemed to be disconnected. "C'mon, John, can't you remember to pay the bill just this once?" he muttered.

But he had more immediate concerns, in the form of the Chihuahua now whining at the door. Chas figured he'd better do something about that before he had to clean up the mess. "All right, come on, little guy. Girl. Whatever you are." He knelt down to check the tags. "Mojo. Come on, Mojo. Let's, uh. Go for walkies. Whatever."
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What kind of FH-er would I be if I didn't take this chance to jump on it?

In no particular order...

A Punk Princess )

A Delinquent Turned Supercop )

A Century Baby )

An Accidental Savior )

A Gay Mutant Speedster Ninja )

A Wayward Son )

And my new person can be found here!
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Sam paced his room while he spoke to his mom on the phone:

"No, Mom--Mom, I told you, I can't make it for Thanksgiv--because I'm at boarding school, Mom. In Maryland. No, it's definitely not Virginia, it's a long--no, I can't drive out. I--it's a long--I sure am gonna miss Aunt Ruth's turkey," he said, trying desperately to change the subject. "No one makes it like her." Except maybe an industrial dehydrator. "Yeah, I--you. You what? You invited Mikaela?" Sam dove for his computer to book the next flight home. "Well, I'm sure she has better things to--oh. She's coming?" Yes, there was one in a couple of hours, he could just make it if he, like, ran. Good thing Mr. Stark paid him well. "You know what, Mom, I absolutely will be there. Yeah. Uh-huh. Okay, I love you, bye!"

He scribbled a note to Helen asking her to please feed Mojo and not let him eat Sam's leftover pain pills, then grabbed a duffel and started throwing clothes in it basically at random. He was only going to be gone for a couple of days, after all.

((Establishy, but open if anyone wants to catch Sam before he flees!))
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Sam and his good hand were having an excellent time getting acquainted with his new Wii. "Whaddaya think, Mojo?" he asked his Chihuahua. "Maybe I should get hurt more often if it's going to net me cool loot like this." Mojo just blinked at him. "Yeah, maybe not," he agreed.

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Tying up loose ends )

(OOC: Follows this and this. Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] not_ironmaiden and [livejournal.com profile] lil_yellow. OOC totally welcome.

This hand injury brought to you by Shia LaBeouf's poor decision-making skills.))
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So I guess I should have made this post before I left for the con, oops, but I am currently at Dragon*Con! Expect general non-presence from me through Monday; my characters' various roommate types may mod them as they see fit. I don't want to come back to any new tattoos or STDs, though. *stern look*

For any of you who might happen to also be at Dragon*Con, I'll be wandering around either Saturday or Sunday in a Fandom High shirt.

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It was fairly late at night, but Sam was wide awake.

Nightmares about giant crazy evil robots trying to kill you and/or your world would do that to a guy. Hence the pacing and muttering and general not-sleeping. He could call Mikaela? No, Mikaela was asleep and would swear at him.

This sucked.
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It's that time again!

Are you username LadiesMan217? )

Due to family and computer issues, I will not be around after tonight until Sunday afternoon at the earliest. Worst timing ever y/y?


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"Hey, you've reached Sam, uh, Sam Witwicky, and uh, I'm not here right now, obviously, but if you'll leave a message I'll get right back to you, I swear.  Especially if you're Mikaela.  If you're from the US government--not that I would know anyone from the US government if you're not, haha, how silly--then I'll get back to you.  Uh.  Eventually.  Hypothetically.

...okay bye."

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