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Sam was playing Spider Solitaire and illegally downloading music when his phone rang. He didn't recognize the number, so he answered with a cautious, "Hello?"

A British man asked, "Is this Samuel Wildicky?"

"Uh, that's, uh, 'Witwicky.'"

"Oh, yeah, it is! Sorry 'bout that, mate. Anyway, hold for Major Lennox. SIR! I GOT THE KID ON THE PHONE!"

Sam held the phone away from his ear until his eardrum recovered, then put it back just in time to hear Will Lennox say, "Sorry about that, Sam. They sent us these new guys, I haven't got 'em all broken in properly yet."

"He sounded British."

"He is British. It's like a cooperative thing. Anyway, I have great news. There hasn't been any Decepticon activity in North America in the last six months."

"That is great news," Sam agreed. "Why are you calling me with it?"

"Because it means that if you want to go home, you can. Unless you just like boarding school that much, I mean."

"What, are you kidding me? I can't have a car here. And I don't think anybody believes me about Mikaela. Who is, by the way, on the opposite coast. Yes, I want to go home."

To be entirely fair, Will had seen Mikaela Banes. And Sam Witwicky. He probably wouldn't have believed the kid, either. "Okay, great. So we'll book you a plane ticket, and..."

"That won't be--I mean, I can handle it. Thanks, Will."

"Good talkin' to you, Sam," Will said.

"Yeah. Say hi to the guys for me." Both the ones with feet and the ones with wheels."

"Will do. Jolt's settling in great, by the way."

"Good to know." They made a little more small talk about the new NEST base and Will's family, then Sam hung up and called his parents. "Mom?" he said, and was immediately inundated by a shower of babble about the new dog they'd gotten in his absence. Mojo was going to be so pleased. Not. "Mom," Sam finally managed to get in edgewise. "Mom. Listen. Whatever you've done to my room, undo it. I'm coming home. Now take the phone out to the garage. I need to talk to Bee about a ride."

((Yes, Sam is leaving Fandom soon. Door and post are open if anyone wants to talk to him.))
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